The lead holder

The charme of a traditional pencil lasting a lifetime.
Its non-mechanical refill system plays on wood flexibility to create a unique lead holder.
Form and function meets naturally in Sostanza.


Every pencil is sold inside a glass test tube that shows its precious content.

Custom engraving

If you buy a Sostanza, just type your name or a short quote in the dedicated area and get your free customization!


Sostanza Cg

Cherry tree

€ 29,00

Sostanza Mg


€ 29,00

Sostanza Am


€ 49,00

Sostanza Eb


Gift Pack





The main body is made of wood with a lovely natural finishing. The essences have been selected based on their firmness and resistance to deformation.



The ring is made by casting technique and then refined by hand. The different finishes protect the metal from natural oxidation and define the aesthetic of each Sostanza.



The lead is 2 mm size, you can choose the firmness you prefer in every stationary shop. It can be sharpened by using the apposite tool or rubbing it on sandpaper.

Patented functioning

Sostanza is a useful tool, simple and ergonomic too.
It’s composed of only two pieces, the lightweight wooden body and the external silver ring.
It’s is very easy to use: the lead can be inserted both from the head and the bottom of the holder
and the ring slides towards the top to block it. Then you just write!
The two-sided hole is very important because it allows the lead to exit in case it breaks inside.




    All the mechanisms that form a normal lead holder have been eliminated in order to simplify the assembling process and improve its sustainability.
    As always "less is more".



    Sostanza is designed and made entirely in Italy. Excellent goldsmith's laboratories and woodworking centers and are involved into the production process.

  • Unique

    Wood is a living material, it changes aspect throughout time and with repetitive use. Each piece has different grains and shades that makes it unique.

  • Sostanza

    Sostanza is intuitive and easy to use, it proves that a simple tool can be beautiful and work well with very little.

  • Essential

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